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Home for Sheep and Dreams

De la: Teatrul Alexandru Davila

Nomination for IKAR 2019 theatrical awards in the categorie "Best female lead" and IKAR 2019 award for "Music".

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One sheep, two sheep, three sheep… In front of the small house of a blind fortuneteller there is a long line of people. They are waiting the sun to rise up while she dreams inside. One white ram is leading her through the time trails. She passes by a burned village in Thrace in 1913, her path is crossed by a boy running towards to the West in 1990, she meets a lost cow from the year  2018, she hears the voices of the unborn from 2030. People from over the world, from past and future, they all pull her insisting to tell their story. They all are looking for something or running away from something, houses are changing their owners and all houses are abandoned and all people are homeless. But this is just a dream, right?

The theatrical piece is part of the “Haunted Houses project” - a multinational co-production for the impracticable idea of a pure nation. At the beginning of the 20th century and after the First World War the history is marked by processes of forcible expulsion of large masses of population and ethnic purification of regions. The aim is to state that these newly-formed national states are pure and homogeneous, while only a century back the same territories were multiethnic. This is the reason for the emerged conflicts and wars between the Balkan countries in the period 1912-1923, which led to the conclusion of treaties regulating the "exchange of the population" between the warring states as a means of pacification. To what extent does this illusion of imaginary homogeneous nation state?

Theater companies from Sofia, Athens and Istanbul use documentary approaches to dig into the history of these waves of displacement between 1913 and 1923, bringing expropriated, abandoned houses as well as their inhabitants, back to life. In a process that’s taken over a year, they’ve researched, exchanged ideas and developed three theater shows that were presented at Berlin's “War and Peace” Festival and the “Undernational Affairs” Festival in Zurich. These performances were created in three separate cities but relate to one another. Together, they show how frighteningly similar today’s demands for purity and unity sound to the ones used back then. „Home for sheep and dreams" is the Bulgarian production.

Producers: The Undernational Affairs Network, Red House Center for Culture and Debate, Maxim Gorki Theater / Studio Я (Berlin), Neumarkt Theater (Zurich) in partnership with the “36 Monkeys“ Organization


Playwright and performer: Zdrava Kamenova

Director: Gergana Dimitrova

Live music: Pavel Terziyski

Live video and costume: Nikola Nalbantov

Assistant Director: Olga Kochanova


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