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Hunt for Stalin

De la: Teatrul Alexandru Davila

Hunt for Stalin la Teatrul Alexandru Davila din Pitesti.

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A prostitute was waiting for her client in the cheap hotel when Stalin entered. She was shocked and she tried to escape from room. She confessed that she is Stalin’s childhood friend’s daughter. He was surprised. She killed him. In the second part Stalin’s imitation saw corpse of Stalin. He required to shoot that woman and also the people who know about that accident. Beria entered. Stalin asked how many imitations they found and  examination of imitations began. State cottage of Stalin. Stalin (twin) was in his bad with his wife. They are in love and do not hide it. The scene is interrupted by the entrance of the wife’s friend, whom his wife tells about her affair with Stalin’s twin. A friend in horror persuades her to abandon dangerous acts but his wife does not listen to her.

The shot, Stalin’s twin falls, Stalin appears (a very possible twin too) who orders to wrap the twin’s body in a bag and bury it at night.

Morally destroyed wife understands that it is the end for her too. She asks her friend to bring a gun, which is on the top shelf of the cabinet. Stalin gives her the gun.

Stalin is alone on the stage, in psychological agony, screams about his suspicions-“everyone wants his death”.

Kremlin. The guard (she is wife’s friend) reports on the critical state of Stalin. Beria enters with a note that Stalin allegedly left on the desk.  The guard reads the note by heart:”…if you see that I am dying, if I lose the ability to think, talk and walk, if I become like a living corpse, without delay, ease my death.”

The queue of shots, the troupe of twins fly to the scene, Beria announces the death of the leader.

Kremlin. In a confusion enters Stalin. Suspicions about the state overcooked confirmed. He asks Beria to stop, but he is in moved. Stalin is killed.

Mausoleum on the Red Square. The day when Stalin’s mummy was taken from the mausoleum. Stalin with his things is waiting for his hour, sometimes watching the preparation of the grave where he will soon move. Lenin wakes up. Stalin is trying to remember the day of his death. Lenin reports that he was poisoned by Beria. The chimes notify that it’s time for Stalin to go out. Before leaving, Stalin decided to reveal to Lenin an important secret –“ I am not the real Stalin, but his oldest twin”. Lenin is disappointed, “where is Koba?”. Stalin doesn’t know, “ I don’t know, maybe he is still alive and hiding somewhere…. I accidentally  got there…”.

Lenin in deep thought appeals to the viewer, “Someone has information …is this the last Stalin?


Accesul in sala de spectacol se va face in ordinea achizitiei biletelor online, cu maxim 15 minute inainte de inceperea spectacolului.


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